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“El Lago” is a series of paintings inspired by Jewel Lake at Tilden Park in Berkeley, California. My daily walks to the lake at different seasons of the year and at various times of the day presented a myriad of impressions of this enchanting spot: the changing light and reflections on the water, the sights and sounds of wildlife, the wind, rain, the warmth of the sun, the chill of night, all brought forth an intense emotional response.

Sol en el Lago (sun on the lake)

20″ x 20″, oil on canvas (2019)

Oscuridad (dusk)

16″ x 20″, oil on canvas, at Shoh Gallery

Reflejos de Luz (lake reflections)

20″ x 20″, oil on canvas

La Luz Resplandeciente (the shimmering light)

18″ x 18″, oil on canvas

Los Reflejos Verdes (the green reflections)

12″ x 12″,  oil on canvas

Reflejos de Arboles (tree reflections)

24″ x 24″, oil on canvas

La Luz en el Lago (the light on the lake)

(2019)24″ x 24″, oil on canvas (2019)

El Lago Verde (the green lake)

30″ x 30″, oil on canvas


20″ x 20″, oil on canvas (2019) at Shoh Gallery

Luz Vacilante (wavering light)

20″ x 20″, oil on canvas